About Jen

jenatworkDissatisfied with Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson's all too proper courtship, a pre-teen Jennifer gave into temptation, launching her one girl secret investigation into the bright pink and gold colored novels lying scandalously upon the top of her mother's bookshelf.

Needless to say a romance obsession was born.

Eventually realizing one must gain life experience and education outside of the 19th century, Jennifer left the hills of Tennessee for Chicago, obtaining her BA in Theatre from Columbia College, and meeting many of the talented people she works with today.

Naturally, after graduation the next logical step was to move to Scotland, which she did in 2001, joining Edinburgh's Bedlam Theatre where she performed in Metamorphoses and Suddenly Last Summer. After nearly eight months of eating oatcakes and staring dreamily at castle ruins, Jennifer felt the call of home (and her visa ran out).

She returned to Chicago, acting and directing with various theatre companies, and in 2003 co-wrote the amazing, mind-boggling sideshow act Numbskull, the Human Blockhead alongside Fraser Coffeen. She then joined forces with the Muffin Basket Cases, a group of seven women solo performers who wrote and performed a new show each week. Jennifer did a run with Beastwomen Female Cabaret, and is an original member of the kates, who perform the last Saturday of every month at the Book Cellar in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

And the romance obsession, you ask? After dutifully gaining her education and life experience, Jennifer dove right back into the 19th century where she belonged. Her novel Priceless Deception and novella Lover's Gamble are available now from The Wild Rose Press. Her holiday short story Five Golden Suitors will be available from Musa Publishing December 7th.

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