A Deal with Lord Devlin

dealwithlorddevlinCharlotte, the infamous Lady Mallen, has divorced her husband for his rakish ways, even taking his dog when she left. Now she wants only to be accepted by the town, a nearly impossible desire. The Earl of Devlin's cousin has romanced her but is announcing his betrothal to another. Forsaken and snubbed at the engagement party, she burns his love notes, one by one, in the drawing room where she has taken refuge.

When the Earl of Devlin pulls her back from his fireplace, rescuing her from a fiery mishap, he also pulls from the fire the means to redeem his family's fortune. A scandalous deal is struck, her love letter in exchange for his help in repairing her reputation. Their bargain is sealed with a kiss that quickly spirals out of control.

So what will the Earl and his independent lady choose -- honor, family loyalty, or true love?

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